Smart tips to buy the best tankless water heater

In the far away past, people had to use the natural resources to facilitate themselves. They could use fire to get some warmth. They could use water from the wells or from the rivers to drink as there were no filters to eliminate germs and bacteria. Then with the passage of time, the resources began to change. The world went through a technological revolution in the 20th century. As the people became wise and intellectual, they began to make certain inventions to make the life of the people easy. As the technology became updated and more advanced then the needs of the people got fulfilled with time as well. There were innovations from which duplicate means of energy were discovered like in order to get cool down in summers; air conditioners were invented to cool the rooms. To generate heat in residential places or work areas in winters then heaters were invented. There are many fake resources which the man has made to ease the life. Man has totally revolutionized the world now. His intelligence has taken the technology to another level. You can send and receive messages from one part of the world to another. You can travel the world in bullet trains which can take you to other countries in just a couple of hours. It is due to the blessings of technology that people can do the job easily. Nowadays, fake sources of energy can be created to benefit from them. The heaters have become a necessity nowadays. The heaters can be operated with the help of water, gas or electricity. Many manufacturers have created variety of heaters in the past. A tankless water heater works to make the water hot during winters.

Last year, I changed my house and moved to a new one with my family. The house had a small laundry and cleaning area. My house did not have the convenience of warm water so I needed to buy a new water heater to use it in showers. As the space was small so buying water heater with a tank was useless. I needed to buy a water heater which consume less space and is easy to install. For that I went to various shops to conduct a survey on finding the best tankless water heater as it takes less space and is cost effective. I read many online tankless water heater reviews as well to better understand which the best in the market is. After an extensive research and thoroughly using some tankless water heaters, I came up with the top 5 best tankless water heaters. These tankless water heaters are the most demanded products in the market right now. They are as follows:

Best Tankless Water HeaterProduct DimensionsProduct WeightDetailed ReviewsCustomer ReviewsSee At Amazon


20 x 20 x 6.5 inches16.8 poundsRead More 466 customer reviews See At Amazon


6.7 x 13.8 x 20.3 inches19.4 poundsRead More87 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Eccotemp L10

Eccotemp L10

6.5 x 13.5 x 28 inches27 poundsRead More223 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Eemax SP3512

Eemax SP3512

3 x 10.8 x 5.2 inches3 poundsRead More 22 customer reviewsSee At Amazon


21.5 x 19.5 x 9.5 inches17.6 poundsRead More 39 customer reviews See At Amazon

Ecosmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater


As the technology has become advanced due to the widespread usage of digital machines then it has become a necessity to save time and money. People want to buy such products which are cost effective as well as time saving. No one has the time to do the tasks manually so machines are used to do the tasks for them. As the winters come then first thing that we need the most is a water heater so that one can take a bath easily with hot water. Of course no one would want to use cold water to get freeze by it in winters. A water heater saves us from boiling water for our daily use. You do not have to make rounds to your stove to boil the water. You can easily turn the water heater on and you are good to go. This water heater by Ecosmart is a user friendly water heater. Its prominent specifications are as follows:

Lifetime warranty:

Yes you heard it right the water heater comes with a lifetime warranty and what can be better than that.

Reduces heating cost:

This tankless water heater saves up to 60% heating costs which keeps our electricity bill in budget.

Maximum heating power:

This water heater can heat up to 3 gallons of water per minute. Its heating power is the best in the town.

Digital temperature control:

The temperature control panel allows the user to set the temperature accordingly. The temperature control panel is there so that the user can increase the temperature given the usage for a particular purpose.

Pros and cons:


  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective
  • Saves space
  • Suitable for Roman style or Jacuzzi tubs


  • Expensive

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Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater, Natural Gas


There are numerous innovations which have made our life easy. Technological innovation is a new concept as it has just been introduced in the 21st century. Before that no one had the idea about digital efficiency but when computers were introduced then it became apparent that man is destined to achieve bigger things. Computer is considered to be the biggest innovation of man but there are other machines as well which are equally useful. Water heaters are the result of digital era as well. They save space and energy. This tankless water heater by Takagi has become the most demanded product in the market right now. Its following features make it distinctive among its contemporary heaters:

Multiple uses:

This water heater can be used for two bathrooms. It is perfect for residential applications.

Provision for multiple sources:

This water heart provides water for storage tanks, recirculation systems, hydronic systems, radiant floors or domestic application.

Maximum flow rate:

The water heater provides water at the rate of 6.6 GPM which is a great feature. The water can be smoothly flow towards the water systems and you can get warm water from your showers and taps easily.

Remote control and power cord:

The water heater comes with a remote control and a power cord to install. The heater can be heated with the remote control easily.


The heater needs a ventilation of Category III stainless steel. The heater can be operated only when there is a ventilation system in the house.

Various accessories:

The water heater can be equipped with a direct vent conversion kit. It converts a conventional vent system to a direct vent

Pros and cons:


  • Easy to operate
  • Higher flow rate
  • Automatic turn off in case of over heating
  • Frost guard for colder temperatures
  • Easy to install


  • The limited warranty is valid only if a certified professional installs the unit

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Eccotemp L10 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater


Water heaters have become a necessity and we need them in winters so that we can enjoy bath in hot showers. Earlier when there were no water heaters then there was a conventional way of warming the water for use like people used to warm water on stove but the advent of modern technology led to the development of such devices which have made our life easier. One of those useful devices is a water heater. A water heater heat up the water for use if we need it in winters specially. The water heaters come with tank or without a tank. The tankless water heaters were invented to save space as the homes are getting minimalistic so tankless water heaters consume less space. This water heater by Eccotemp is the hottest tankless water heater in the market right now. Its features are as follows:

Stainless steel rain cap:

The water heater comes with a rain cap which is made of stain less steel. The heater won’t be wet if there any water fall over it.

Automatic shutoff timer:

The heater has an automatic safety shut off timer. When the water is not longer in use or the water gets finish then the heater is automatically gets shut off. The heater resets itself when there is no flow of water. It starts again after that.

Battery igniter:

There is a battery igniter which means that no electricity has to be used to fully operate it. The battery is enough to operate it.

Pros and cons:


  • Consumes less space
  • Energy efficient
  • Anti dry combustion protection
  • Durable
  • Reliable


  • Limited warranty

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Eemax SP3512 Tankless Water Heater


With the changing trends in technology, machines are getting continuously upgraded to cater to the growing demands of the people. When telephones were invented then people used to find it difficult to connect in a place where there was no telephone connection. Mobile phones were invented which increased the mobility of the device. In the same way, water heaters are a blessing in todays world because you can have hot water at just a click of a button. As winters approach, we need hot water for baths so water heaters provide us hot water. There are water heaters with tank and without tank so people mostly prefer to buy the tankless water heater as it consumes less space and can be fit anywhere. This tankless water heater by Eemax is one of the best tankless water heaters catering to the growing demands of customers. Its prominent features are as follows:

Micro processing temperature control:

It provides unlimited supply of hot water at an outlet setting. The flow of water does not get interrupted and the water can be flow towards the tap easily.

Runs on safe electricity:

No venting is required to provide connection. There is no danger of carbon monoxide as well.

No tank to be rusted:

As the water heater is tankless so there is no tank to rust or leak.

Pros and cons:


  •       Limited 1 year warranty for parts and 5 years warranty for leaks
  •       Cut energy costs
  •       Energy efficient
  •       Easy to install
  •       Compact in size
  •       Never runs out of hot water


  •        A little bit pricey

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Stiebel Eltron Tempra 36 Tankless Water Heater


As we have entered into the digital era of technology so the tech machines have quite eased our lives to the maximum extent. We can do several tasks by just a click on the buttons. Everything seems to be done by the machines right from the carpet cleaners to the washing machines. It is the innovation of man that getting hot water in winters is no more a time consuming task. The task of boiling the water for use was a time consuming household chore as we had to warm it up on a stove but the water heaters have made our task easy. Now water heaters are coming in compact sizes without a tank. This tankless water heater by Stiebel is one of a kind due to its following features:

Suitable for cold climatic conditions:

This tankless water heater is suitable for such colder climates as well where temperature may drop below 40° F. The water heater gives uninterrupted water flow at just the click of the button.

Digital temperature display:

The water heater features a digital temperature display from where desired output water temperature can be selected.

Thermostatic temperature control:

The heater has a thermostatic temperature control which adjusts to the climatic conditions automatically and prevents it from getting heated up.

Pros and cons:


  •      Cost saving of up to 20%
  •      Consumes less space
  •      Desired temperature anytime
  •      3 year warranty
  •      Easy temperature control


  •      Cannot be used simultaneously for shower, bath tubs or laundry

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As the people these days are finding for multiple means of convenience due to less time for house hold chores so machines are used to fulfil their demands. In the past few years, people have given excellent tankless water heater reviews as hot water is accessible easily due to them. If you want to have an excess supply throughout your home with interruption or leakage then go and buy tankless water heaters according to your home size and make your life even more comfortable and easier.