Why a tankless water heater is your necessity right now?

With the rapid growth in technology and the continuous development of digital machines, man has revolutionised the world with his intelligence. He has totally replaced the traditional methods with machines and robots. Now the messages can be sent in a fraction of a second which compared to past practise used to take days for the message to reach its destination. Man can travel easily through trains, planes and buses in minutes. Warming up the hot water is no more a time consuming task. We have water heaters all around our houses which does the work for us. Water heaters are of two types: with tank and without tank. As in most countries there is shortage of residential houses so people are always looking for compact size machines which can be easily accommodated in their small spaces. The tankless water heaters are compact in size and plus they are energy efficient and saves energy consumption so they are a must purchased product. There are many reasons which will prompt you to buy a tankless water heater. They are as follows:

Less energy consumption:

A best tankless water heater uses less than 50% energy from which at least $100 can be saved on the gas bill per year depending on the water usage.

On demand heat up:

A tankless water heater heats up the water only when you turn it on preventing it from overheating the water. This feature saves water from getting wasted.

Elimination of extra water storage:

The main benefit of the tankless water heater is that it eliminates the cost of keeping the 40 to 50 gallons in a water storage tank.

Continuous supply of hot water:

What can be better than your bath tub is filled with hot water whenever you want to take a bath? You can get continuous supply of hot water anytime by turning the heater on.

Compact size:

They are so small in size that they can be placed anywhere where there is vent.  A tankless water heater can be mounted on a wall or placed near your sink. Smaller water heaters can be installed in cabinets or closets as well.

Tax rebate:

Some tankless water heaters come with a federal tax rebate of $300 which is pretty good.


They last longer than conventional water heater. They can run easily for 10 years longer than the tank heaters.

Energy efficient:

There is no heat loss as the heaters always remain on a standby mode. They use energy only when required hot water is needed.

Budget friendly:

Consumers can save up to 20% on their water heating bills. In this way your wallet remains filled with saved dollars.

Easy to use:

Some tankless water heaters come with a remote control and you can turn them on by just clicking the button the remote control.

Safe and clean water supply:

As the water stored in the tank of the water heater may get filthy with time and there is possibility of the growth of bacteria and germs due to rust and scale so with tankless water heater you can get safe and clean water without having to worry about the germ free water supply.